I am a Prostitute (follow-up)

The overall feeling is, it wasn’t that bad. It was a special moment for the couple and that is truly who the wedding is suppose to please. I used the wedding service right out of the Book of Worship and they enjoyed it. It was casual but meaningful. Afterwards I did not feel as much like a prostitute as I thought. I always feel funny at a wedding when an envelope is slid my way and I place it in my coat pocket. I feel like a deal was just made, but that is for every wedding.

Would I do it again? I would but I would change something though. I would meet with the couple at least once before doing it. Maybe that is what made me feel uncomfortable about this one. I learned the guy’s last name when I arrived at the house, it would have been better if I met him before that time.

Other than that, I would do it again. As a minister I am to help people who are seeking a connection and they were. They wanted God to be apart of their marriage and I was able to provide that for them. God was there whether I was or not, but maybe with my presence they could sense Gods. We prayed together and their marriage was blessed using the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That is something they would not have gotten at the Justice of the Peace. Plus this wasn’t their first marriage and it wasn’t a shotgun wedding. It was what they wanted and it is what they got.

I was happy I could help and do my part.


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