I am a Prostitute

I am about to prostitute my ministerial services. One of my wife’s clients and co-worker to one of my parishioners has asked me to marry her and her fiance. They want something simple and small. So at 4:00 we will gather in their living room, with my wife and another witness, and I will preform the service. She said they were going to the Justice of the Peace but wanted God involved in it.

Let me also preface this by saying it has been short notice and ‘worked in’ to both our schedules (like there is nothing else to do during this time of year).

I am feeling a little dirty about this. I don’t know these people but yet I have agreed to ‘do’ their wedding so that God can be involved. Now I am not sure if there is anything theologically wrong with what I am doing [Biblically there are no real examples to follow about a wedding ceremony, although some about the reception] but it does feel a little lacking in the ministerial aspect of the wedding.

The couple is extremely excited, anxious, and nervous about today. I am wondering if I just prostituted myself out for $75!


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