Biofuels: Bad for the World

To capitalize on the growing market for biofuels, farmers are transforming their crops to cash in. In Time Magazine’s article about this transformation, found here, they ask some pertinent questions. Not only are farmers in our own country doing this but so are many others around the world. In Brazil the rainforest is being mowed down to build viable farm land to produce crops we, as American, would need to move to using biofuel on a regular basis. When this happens the carbon footprint doesn’t match up. Actually, science is showing, as Time discusses, that we are still hurting the environment when we make policies and changes in our own nation to move towards biofuel. It seems that biofuel, especially corn based ethanol, isn’t the answer to the problem but just another problem. It is an interesting read and brings to light the capitalistic move towards this fuel as a means to reduce our need for oil.

Farmers are transforming their crops to be what is profitable. Yet, we don’t have enough farm land to produce enough biofuel to sustain our demands. This means we would need to import. Instead of being subject to foreign oil, we will be subject to foreign corn or soybeans.

The most troubling point is that for every piece of land that moves to produce biofuel, that is one less producing food. This means that food prices will continue to rise, thus making it harder for the poor in the world to eat. “Lester Brown of Earth Policy Institute says that biofuels pit the 800 million people with cars against the 800 million people with hunger problems.” Ten bucks says I can pick who will win that battle!

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