American Idol Prediction

Okay, I was wrong once again last week, I hope you are not using me to bet in Vegas. I thought last night was pretty good. It had to be hard theme. I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked that everyone stayed with his classics, Phantom, Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar. David A. really got on my nerves again doing a pop version of a song written for a girl and then the stupid shocked look on his face when the judges say he does well, arrrrraaah! David C. and Syesha did great. Carley’s song adds her to the list of victims of the Jesus Curse. (for those who don’t know, if you mention the name of Jesus in a song, you will not be the next American Idol) Jason and Brooke tanked. I will never by a CD of Jason’s because I have a feeling he will put me to sleep. Yet since Brooke almost left last week she is my choice for this week. But what do I know!


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