Adventures of Pastor Bob – Ep. 1 – The Business Card

The short stories of Pastor Bob are fictional, although possibly based on real events in ministers’ lives. He does not represent anyone living or dead. He is a figment of my imagination and yours.

Pastor Bob was excited to start his new and very first appointment as a minister. As he unpacked his office he noticed a box sitting on his desk that he did not bring. He curiously opened it and inside was 500 crisp business cards. Each one had his information on it. His phone number, email, and address were all printed in fine black letters. He gazed at the first one he removed from the box, in awe that his calling into the ministry was finally coming true. After all the years of schooling he was about to dive head first into the first real test and opportunity for real ministry. Bob longed for opportunities to get started and use these business cards for God’s glory.

An opportunity arrived in the second week of Bob’s new appointment. He was invited to a business conference where one of his parishioners were in charge of a booth. The conference was a time for different local businesses to find out what one another does and to network. Bob grabbed a stack of business cards and headed to the conference, thrilled to hobnob with local business leaders and mingle.

As he traveled from booth to booth he started to think about how these people could do God’s work through his parish. He met Susan, a representative for an online university. As they talked he realized that a computer lab in the church could provide opportunities for continued education for the elderly and tutoring for children. Bob talked with chiropractors, graphic artists, local restaurant owners, accountants, Realtors, and other local business people.

His head was spinning with fresh ideas for his congregation and how these people could get involved in God’s work. The afternoon was coming to a close as Bob approached another table for a local college. This college was a tech school which taught graphic arts, website development, and data processing. One thing he knew his congregation needed was a new website, so Bob started up a conversation with the school’s rep.

“Hi, I’m Bob, a local pastor. What type of schooling do your students have to go through?”
“This is a two year program in different computer related fields,” the rep replied.
“That’s interesting,” Bob said eagerly. “I’m not very familiar with websites and that sort of thing. I do know they are extremely important these days and that my church needs one.”
“Actually, our student are asked to complete a project in their last semester,” the rep said. “They usually do work for non-profits, such as building them websites or doing some PR work like brochures and such. They accept these projects all pro-bono too.”
Bob bubbling with possibilities replied, “Well I love pro-boners”

The business card Bob held in his hand, ready to pass on at the right opportunity, was placed back into this pocket, as he thanked the rep for his time and left. As the blood started to leave his face from embarrassment, Bob felt rejected and bummed he didn’t leave his card.


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