Reynolds Program in Church Leadership (RPCL) – Part 1

Today was the first day of a year long program with the RPCL. Here is my first post on the subject, here. Today was a time of getting to know everyone and breaking up into peer groups. I am still pinching myself, ready to wake up and realize that this is not real. The class in which they have done this program is amazing. The Proximity Hotel is crazy. Beyond being one of the, if not THE, greenest hotel in the nation, it is by far one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in.

The studio look to the hotel is wonderful. Exposed pipes, concrete walls and wood shelving makes the room look very modern but comfortable look. I have two couches, flat screen TV, and a very soft and comfortable king size bed. My shower doesn’t even have a door it is that big.

The Center for Creative Leadership is also extremely impressive. The area is on a very wooded lot surrounded by a foundation created by the people who made Vicks. It will be interesting as we get deeper into this week what comes of it. Right now I have to get to my homework by reading some of Dick Wills, Waking to God’s Dream.


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