Technology and Ministry

Over at YSMARKO, the place where I saw the (now pulled) video posted below, there is some very interesting conversations happening, here. The comments have been blowing up about the video and the guy who created it, Pastor Luke. After watching the video and posting it myself, I emailed Luke and asked for him to remove the video with a link to the post. He thanked me for the link and told me that he commented on the subject at YSMARKO. After all this Marko has pulled the video because Luke was so hurt by it (and I understand, and that is why I too have pulled the video).

As I have read the comments and thought more about the conversation I started to think about whether this technology is helping or hurting ministry? Now there are a couple levels to this thinking. First, it is a helping. Any medium we can use to proclaim the love of Christ to anyone should be used. I think, from my short exploration into Luke’s ministry via the web, that he is good at the medium he is using and probably reaching many young people. Second, it is hurting. When done wrong (which in my opinion is what Luke did on this topic) it can sting for years to come. (the video was produced 3 years ago). It could still hurt any youth looking up cutting on GodTube hoping to find God’s answers to their situation. It is also hurting Luke because his mistake is now out there for everyone to see and some of the comments have hurt him personally (you can tell with his comment).

There are services I have been a part of that I wished were video taped and placed on the web for the world to see in order for more people to be touched by the Holy Spirit that was moving during it. Yet there are other situations in my ministry that I thank God everyday have not been recorded. It would be hard to have to face a mistake, years later because someone found it on the Internet and posted it to their blog.

What do you think? Do the pros outweigh the cons with this type of technology? I have seen some heated debates on other blogs in the Methoblogoshpere before, for those involved did it taint your ministry or strengthened it? Thoughts to ponder!


4 thoughts on “Technology and Ministry

  1. uummm, I never would have seen that video if you weren’t so angry about it. 🙂 If it had been perfect theology and a heartwarming outreach then it probably wouldn’t have been posted.But this isn’t technology’s fault, its just how humans work. I mean, Clay Aiken just came out of the closet. Aren’t you going to buy a copy of People magazine?! My vote is that web 2.0 tech can strengthen or harm my ministry as much as any other medium of communication. When trying to do a good thing, you always risk something bad might happen that you’ll regret.


  2. I think the ability to rip things out of context and share them is certainly a risk and a danger.I think of that poor kid who made a video of himself playing Star Wars and got humilitated mercilessly across the Web. That was the bad.The good is that it allows connection and sharing across boundaries that would not otherwise be breached.I went and found the video in question here. I disagree with some of his exegesis for sure. He seems to be speaking from ignorance about the causes of the behavior as well.I don’t see how discussing – in a respectful way – his errors is a bad thing to do. Since the video is still up, it does not appear that he regrets or disagrees with the content. It is not that he made a goof three years ago that he wants to take back.That is what it looks like to me.


  3. This is postmodernity: everyone has a say, and anyone can speak up. As a result, any person can come across as an expert. Unfortunately, we have so many naive people surfing for quick-fixes. The Church must, in my humble estimation, form its people to have discerning hearts and minds.


  4. Initially, I felt sorry for the guy after he responded to Marko. Later I went to Godtube and read the 50 comments left there in response to the same video. They are more negative than on Marko’s blog. They’ve been posted on there for a long time. If he read any of them, then I don’t think Marko’s post blindsided him at all


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