Words – new one and remove one

My friend Mark over at Around the Bend, would like us to pick up a new word, praught, the past tense of preach. It could catch on…”Man, I really praught it this week!” I can see a tee-shirt in the making.

Since Mark is wanting to add a word, I would like to remove one. I don’t have anything against it except when this word is turned into it’s own sentence.


I am guessing through the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, this has been a common slang/pop culture word/answer to everything that many, many, MANY people use. Now it is like nails on a chalkboard to me. When I hear, SERIOUSLY?!?!, all I can hear is someone complaining that their other BMW is in the shop, or that their frozen cafelattemochachino is colder than normal. AHHHH…stop saying it please!!!

I guess what really annoys me about it is because I don’t know if they are asking a question, if they are angry, or they are adding excitement in the conversation.

For example:
Bob: Did you hear that the Bishop has appointed me to 1st Church?
Stan: Seriously!?!?

Is Stan happy for Bob, confused because Bob’s pastoral leadership is not really fit for 1st Church in his opinion, or angry that he did not get that appointment?

Seriously, stop using seriously as a serious response to the world around you!

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