Pregnant Comments

My wife and I announced that we are expected our second child, YEAH!!! She is 11 weeks along and the due date is April 24th and we are excited. I have some pictures I’ll share at some point.

This Sunday, right before the benediction, I announced this fact to Trinity. Then my wife joined me for the traditional ‘shaking of the hands’ after the service. Everyone was excited and they all gave us their congratulations. But as my congregants greeted us it reminded me of a certain fact I learned during the pregnancy of our first born: People say the stupidest stuff to pregnant people.

It is true! If you want to watch a hormonal woman attempt to keep her cool and not smack people across the face, hang out with a pregnant woman. Maybe it is hormones that she is putting out or the extra blood the fetus is now pumping, but it makes people say the stupidest things.

Here are some examples and feel free to share your own: (some of these were actually said to my wife, not in church but in other situations, others I have heard from other parents-to-be)

  • Now you’re going to be REAL parents now that you will have two.
  • I knew you were pregnant! Either that or you were letting yourself go.
  • Congrats! I am glad to know your sperm works!
  • Another PK, just what the world needed.
  • I hope yours goes better than mine, I lost our second four months into the pregnancy.
  • JUST WAIT, your son will hate the second one because s/he will have all the attention.
  • I’m glad to know you all are being good church members and having more kids.

These are just some of my ‘favorites’ but let me know yours!


One thought on “Pregnant Comments

  1. My favorites have to do with the way women everywhere seem to believe they have an ownership stake in my wife’s belly.They would come up and pat her and rub her belly in the grocery store or on the sidewalk.Women also always liked to share their birthing nightmare stories with her.


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