I leaned over today and kissed my wife’s belly. Inside was my unborn child. My two year old laid in bed, not even knowing what happened tonight. Today was a historic day. today the world changed. I cannot believe that I have experienced another time, another moment, when I will remember where I was when. On 9-11 I was in black church history class and today I witnessed a grand moment in history.

When I kissed my wife’s belly, I told the baby growing inside that s/he will grow up in a world, in a nation, that doesn’t know of a time when a minority didn’t hold the highest and most powerful position in the world. There is hope found in that. There is progress.

I am watching McCain’s concession speech and I am reminded that as Obama walks away with the election, that we are still a divided country. I hope that we can rally together, to continue on the path of progress, and to understand that we can do so much, we achieve greatness, when we work together.

My prayer is with Obama and Biden tonight. May God’s calling on your lives be one they accept with wisdom and understanding. May the work they do for the next four years be proof of that calling. Peace be with you, not like the world gives, but the type that comes from my God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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