Recount or just be Purple?

Here in the big NC, the presidential race is too close to call. Literally there is 50% to McCain and 50% to Obama. When 100% of the precincts reported Obama had 2,123,334 votes and McCain 2,109,281. Since the 14,053 votes fall under the 1% margin of error, we are currently waiting. I know the rest of the nation had made up its mind but still, one day later, North Carolina is a Purple State.

Currently, those with nothing better to do, are deciding whether or not a recount is needed or to actually realize that it doesn’t matter at this point where our electoral points go. I think the main point is to find out which way NC went in order to then look back four years from now. Yes, our electoral college votes need to be given to someone but let’s make it easy people. There is 14000 votes one way, just leave it at that. We do not want to have a reputation like Florida. No recount necessary, just give the points to Obama and lets move on.

On the other hand, since Obama is already the winner, why do we need to choose a color. Why can’t we be the only state to be purple, or violet, or egg plant, for the next four years? Why cannot we simply divide the electoral college points in half and call it a election.

For those of you with more knowledge on this subject than I or who really want to see our points go to a candidate, let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Recount or just be Purple?

  1. Purple is the color of advent – isn’t it?Egad. I’m so bad on my liturgical colors. This is why my church has ladies that change the paraments for me.I’m pretty sure you can’t just decide to split the votes down the middle ala Solomon. There are all these pesky laws about how it is supposed to be done.


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