Magi = Indiana Jones

I am always looking for ways to relate the Biblical text in ways my congregation will understand. While studying this week’s text on Epiphany I came to a realization, so let me float this one out there.

The Magi, the wise men, were the original Indiana Joneses. Let’s look at the facts. The Magi were scholars, if they weren’t then why are they referred as ‘wise’? They came from the East, so they were foreigners too. This means that they were wise in their land but they also looked at the world around them and studied their cultures too. Indiana Jones was a renowned professor (wise man) who studied ancient cultures from around the world.

The Magi didn’t live only in the books though. As they looked at the world around them they took notice of signs and opportunities to put their knowledge to the test. When they saw the star in the sky, they did not dive into more books and ponder. No, they ventured out to test their knowledge and their observations. They took the opportunities that were presented to them and ventured off into the foreign land. When presented with adventure, Indy took off to explore the realities of his knowledge as well.

The Magi were not afraid to ask for help and directions. Their desire to follow the star took them to Herod. They learned later that they should not trust him and they went home another way. Indy looked for help as well from locals and learned a time or two that some were there to really help and others were their to deceive him.

Did these wise men carry whips and don a leather coat and a fedora? NO. But their sense of adventure and their scholarly knowledge enabled them to be witnesses to the manifestation of Christ. A prize worthy of a great adventure.


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