The UMC is launching a new marketing campaign soon. Beth Quick has some reflections on it. The new slogan goes along with the Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors, it is RETHINK CHURCH. There is a video at the site with James Earl Jones as the narrator. The website, where you can give you input, is flashy and more will be hitting in May. THey are looking at getting into more media avenues too, like FaceBook, YouTube, and more. (Just like the Methodist’s, a decade late to the party, but at least we getting there I guess)

My initial impression was that it was good. I like the concept from moving away from a church building, the institutional church, into a movement of people, which is what Church is suppose to be anyway. One of our greatest mistakes is calling our buildings were we worship, churches. We will see how it all pans out.

RETHINK CHURCH…I guess we can’t be the church of 1960 any longer…

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