Top 10 for 10-10-10

Sunday is 10-10-10 so here are the Top 10 sermon topics for this special holy day. (please feel free to add your own) Now the lectionary is ready for this, since the Gospel verse is on the 10 lepers but here are 10 other ideas.

  1. 10 Commandments (too easy)
  2. Abram lived in Canaan for ten years
  3. Joesph’s gifts of 10 male and 10 female donkeys to his father
  4. The Parable of the Ten Virgins (the youth will pay attention to this one)
  5. The Ten “I Am” sayings in the Gospel of John
  6. There are ten recorded celebrations of Passover (Josiah’s, 2Chronicles 35:1. (In Egypt, Exodus 12. In the wilderness, Numbers 9:5. Plains of Jericho, Joshua 5:10. Hezekiah’s, 2Chronicles 30:1.Ezra’s, Ezra 6:19.When our Lord was twelve years of age, Luke 2:41. John 2:13. John 6:4. Matthew 26:2)
  7. Ten deaths at the hands of women (Sisera, Judges 4:21. Abimelech, Judges 9:52, 53; 2Samuel 11:21.Sheba, 2Samuel 20:1, 21, 22. The harlot’s child, 1 Kings 3:19. The prophets of the land, 1 Kings 18:4. Naboth, 1 Kings 21:9, 10. The son boiled by his mother, 2 Kings 6:29. The seed royal, 2 Kings 11:1. Haman’s ten sons, Esther 9:13, 14. John the Baptist, Matthew 14:8)
  8. Tithing, ’tis the season for this one.
  9. Ten Old Testament younger sons who were chosen over their older brother (Abel, Shem, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah, Joseph, Ephraim, Moses, David)
  10. The ten repeated names (7 OT, 3 NT) (Abraham, Abraham, Genesis 22:11. Jacob, Jacob, Genesis 46:2. Moses, Moses, Exodus 3:4. Samuel, Samuel, 1 Samuel 3:10. Martha, Martha, Luke 10:41. Simon, Simon, Luke 22:31. Saul, Saul, Acts 9:4. Lord, Lord, Matthew 7:21,22, 25:11; Luke 6:46; 13:25. Eloi, Eloi, Mark 15:34; Matthew 27:46; Psalm 22:1. Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Matthew 23:37; Luke 13:34.)

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