Why Worship Attendance Matters – Weems Video

This is an interesting video from Lovett Weems and the Lewis Center for Church Leadership.  I have been tracking worship attendance in Excel for almost 7 years now.  I have never graphed it though and I’m looking forward to what that graph will tell me about attendance habits of my new appointment.  Of course that means I have to wait at least another 6 months to get some good data.

Worship attendance has a cycle and I agree with Weems that we need to understand that cycle in our current congregation.  If we don’t then we miss out on opportunities.  We are thinking from the inside out instead of outside in.  Gone are the days when churches simply opened the doors and people came.  In our current reality there are too many other options out there in the world.  Crunching the worship numbers is not focusing on ‘numbers for the sake of numbers’ but is learning your community and seeing ways, even small ways, to encourage people to connect to God through worship.

Take the time and watch the video…it is worth your time.

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